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Oceaniti is a comprehensive ship/fleet management system providing solutions to ship owners/operators and managers. Leveraging latest technology, Oceaniti is a fully configurable product, modular and web enabled, seamlessly integrating the onshore and onboard data management with intelligent Data synchronisation.

2013-08-22 04:40

About Us

At NetCalyx, we specialize in delivering mobile and web experiences – Applications, Services and Solutions. We are an India based company, headquartered at Chennai, leveraging cutting-edge technological capabilities and competitive costs to provide great service at honest pricing. Founded in 2011, our special focus is in assisting start-ups to bloom safer and faster. We respect our Customers time, money and trust. Usefulness and ease of use are at the core of our offerings.

Why ‘NetCalyx’? Calyx refers to the sepals of a flower, which forms a protective layer around a flower when it is a bud and goes on to support the flower as it blooms to its full glory. We pride ourselves in our ability to support start-ups to convert their great business ideas into useful, intuitive and easy to use mobile and web solutions.


Solid experience in iphone/ipad , android smartphone/tab , windows 7/8 app development. Our developers, designers, technical leads, mobile interaction engineers are experts in understanding the requirements and user experience , as well as identifying the feasibility to make it happen. In mobile/tablet space , we are very well conversant with Android SDK, Webkit, Background service, Media APIs, Location based APIs, Sensors, Connectivity, Storage, Open GL and AL, Security layer, iPhone SDK, Objective C, Xcode IDE, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core Location Framework.
In web space, we are very well conversant with Client/Server architecture, Pub/Sub Model, Multi-threaded applications, Ajaxification, Content-delivery network , Caching , DNS, Load balancing, Pre/Post load components, CSS/JS optimization, Database scaling strategies. We adhere to OWASP guidelines while developing the apps and to understand the user behavior interactions we give an optional analytics integration.


  • IPhone and IPadIPhone / IPad

    We understand the iOS User Interface Guidelines very well which helps us to make the app robust, ease of use.

  • Android IconAndroid

    We not only do android apps development. We do have an expertise in Android SDK customization , Kiosk based application, understanding the user behavior using mobile analytics.

  • Windows 8 IconWindows 8

    Our core team has more than a decade expertise in Microsoft tools from Visual Studio to .Net which made them to easily understand the retro style design of Windows mobile app development.

  • Drupal IconDrupal

    We love open source and our team members have been supporting many open source projects in drupal and canonical community.

  • Php PhythonPHP, Python

    Most of our process automation based products supported largely by python and php stack.

  • Dot Net .NET

    We have considerable expertise in all aspects of server and client side development. If you are interested in developing web dashboard , mobile application library, client side utilities,we do take care of it very well.


Drupal IconMobile App Development

  • Consulting

    Your ideas is in dreaming stage? Our mobile consultants will work with you closely to see it in reality. Not just development also the product roadmap, implementation, scalability.

  • Wire-Framing

    You would be interested seeing the creation process of your dream idea? Lets start with wire-framing, each and every user-flow would be sketched out by meeting the needs. Every success of any application depends on how well wire-framing is brainstormed.

  • Specifications

    Its easy to map all the ideas to an document and plan the version release of the product. SRS helps to plan the tasks for each milestone and development team can understand the priorities better.

Drupal IconCustom App. Development

  • Integration with corporate process

    We support you to do the integration with your existing infrastructure by providing REST APIs.

  • Saas Application Development

    Any application demands Saas model, which should be planned well for scalability as the key factor. We support you to build the architecture which supports scalable user-base and manage the load balancing.

  • Quick Prototyping

    Just want to experiment the ideas before planning the business ROI. We can quickly plan out the prototypes which helps you to estimate the business plan better.

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